Let's Play

Board Game for Social Inclusion

The aim of our solidarity project is to establish an integrative board game club in Szeged, where we welcome all children, without any discrimination. We consider it our task to create an inclusive community with our help, which can play together and forget about common experiences.

We have chosen board games as a tool, which, in addition to being experience-oriented and not building on the differences between children, serves as an excellent informal educational platform. With board games, we can develop our abilities and skills almost unnoticed.

We were motivated to implement the project primarily from our own social situation, as we are a minority in Serbia as Hungarians in Vojvodina. National diversity is only one of many aspects that separate people and form smaller, segregated groups within a larger community. Based on this, we believe that any move that would somehow serve to build a relationship between these groups would go a long way to making our society work better.


Within our project we organized inclusive board game events for primary school students, and a one-week long camp in Szeged.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jatekrafel

Website in Hungarian: https://jatekrafel.org/

Team members of High Five group

Dorottya Talpai

Sanela Njers

Luca Péter

Réka Péter

Boglárka Csőke

Let's Play! - Board Game for Social Inclusion

Project Reference: 2019-3-HU01-ESC31-077558

Project period: 01/01/2020 - 31/08/2021