You are Different, Everyone is Different

Attitudes towards people with disabilities have changed a lot over the last centuries and decades, but nowadays people's attitude still need some improvement. As special education and social pedagogue students, we have found that today's society is still quite closed towards people with disabilities and their perceptions are mostly negative. In our environment we have also discovered negative attitudes which increases the isolation of people with disabilities. As a result, the majority of atypically developing people are marginalized in society, both in education and work. This project gives us the opportunity to bring the world of people with disabilities closer to the everyday life of the others and to develop a more positive attitude. Our aim is to make them think about disability and challenges are coming with it. We hope that the negative images will fade, new approaches will emerge and our presentations will lead to elimination of the stereotypes among the target groups.

The project was primarily intended to make young people aware of the types of disability and to change their attitudes towards persons with disabilities, with a special regard to people with intellectual disabilities. By developing more positive attitudes, we wanted to create a more solitary society in Hungary. We believe we are going to have a broader and long term impact to the society by developing the attitudes of children.

Activities and Outputs

Within "You are Different, Everyone is Different" project we wanted to give sensitizing lectures for children in schools, mostly kids in 5-12 grades. The lectures would have focused on the different types of disability and the difficulties of the people involved. During the 12-month period of the project, we planned 18-20 interactive workshops in Szeged and different cities of South-Eastern and Eastern Hungary.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately we could not implement the offline activities. Without personal contacts, we placed our sensitizer campaign in the online space by creating a Facebook and Instagram pages and share our educational videos about different kind of disabilities.

Te is más vagy, te sem vagy más tananyag.pdf

Open Curriculum

To support the sensitizing work of other educators, we prepared anopen curriculum. The curriculum is the guideline for a sensitizing lesson that helps the teacher work with concrete ideas, games, tasks. The students can gain an insight into the lives of people with different developmental stages, they can experience the difficulties that those involved have to deal with every day.The curriculum is free to use and can be tailored to the age and interests of the student group.

You can download the Curricula here (17MB)

Team members of Merici group

Andrea Küsmödi

Petra Pápai

Lívia Kocsovszki

Dorina Marozsi

Laura Nagy

You are Different, Everyone is Different

Project Reference: 2019-3-HU01-ESC31-077567

Project period: 15/05/2020 - 14/05/2021