Past projects

NF@ - Building capacities of youth organizations to create online NFE activities

Training course about online non-formal education in Vršac, Serbia, November 2020


Online training course about emotional intelligence, November 2020

Transformation Europe Lab

Seminar about non-violent communication and peace building in Wörthersee, Austria, October 2020

Virtual Summer Camp

Virtual youth exchange around the topics of diversity and solidarity in July 2020

Critical Thinking

Virtual exchange about critical thinking skills of young people in May 2020

Fight Fakes, Think Critically

Virtual exchange about media literacy of young people in March 2020

Youth Go Digital

Training course about digital and social skills in Ankara, Turkey, February 2020

Our Rights, Human Rights!

Youth exchange about human rights in Hvalso, Denmark, January 2020

Creating the social entrepreneurs of future Europe

Training course about social entrepreneurship in Asnæs, Denmark, December 2019

Capacity and Partnership Building Activity for ESC

Training course about digital literacy in Kaunas, Lithuania

United in Diversity

Youth exchange about European cultures, diversity and tolerance in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, December 2019

Youth@Work - Youth Entrepreneurship Conference

Conference (Transnational Cooperation Activity) about youth entrepreneurship in Mersin, Turkey, December 2019

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Young People

Seminar about understandings of AI and its role in the youth sector in Strasbourg, France, December 2019

Our EU, our future

Youth exchange about the European Union in Athens, Greece, November 2019

Fa-silly-tators! - Exploring humour in non-formal Education and youth projects

Seminar about humour in Erasmus+ and youth projects in Vienna, Austria, November 2019

The many faces of EU

Youth exchange about strenghtening intercultural dialogue in Athens, Greece, November 2019

RISE - Resources for improving Social Inclusion and Equality

Training course about social entrepreneurship in Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia, Spain, September 2019

Quality in Learning Mobility - Meeting of Multipliers

Meeting about supporting quality in learning mobility projects in the youth field in Budapest, Hungary, July 2019

Get Transnational, Get Solidarity

Training course (Transnational Cooperation Activity) about Erasmus+ Transnational Youth Initiatives and ESC Solidarity Projects in Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain, July 2019

Youth@Work - Kick-off Conference

Conference (Transnational Cooperation Activity) about improvement of youth work in Istanbul, Turkey, June 2019