Youth Action For Europe

Youth Action for Europe will empower young people to become active citizens and through the activities to contribute to

the sustainable development of democratic societies across Europe. The project will encourage civil responsibility and

engage young people in the civic life of their communities. It will facilitate the development of the necessary skills,

knowledge, values and motivation to change their lives and make a positive change in their communities. Through civic

and non-formal education, young people from six European countries will develop their soft and leadership skills such as

civic awareness, critical and analytical thinking, intercultural competences, promoting European citizenship and engaging

in the social and democratic life of their communities.

This will raise young people’s awareness of democracy, human rights and increase their civic participation. The project will contribute to the improvement of the work of youth organisations in

promoting democratic values and building competencies in young people for the active contribution to society.

The methodology we have chosen to conduct the exchange includes elements of civic education and non-formal educational

methods, including presentations, discussions, sharing of experiences, role-playing and group work, creative activities

and simulations, sharing of good practices and development of future projects under the Erasmus+ Programme, innovative

ideas for civil campaigns and initiatives to disseminate and promote project results.

Date: 16-22 May, 2022

Venue: Varna, Bulgaria

Participating countries: Romania, Serbia, Nort-Macedonia, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria.

We are entitled to delegate 4 participants between age 18-30 and one group leader (no age limit).

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