4th industrial revolution!

After the 1st industrial revolution brought us the mechanization and steam and water power, the 2nd ensured the mass production and electricity, the 3rd provided us with electronic, IT systems and automatization, finally the 4th is completely changing the way we interact with the world around us – it comes with cyber physical systems and softwares which are supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and this will require a lot of changes for the workforce.

As the artificial intelligence becomes more and more common in the workplace, the importance of skills which cannot be compensated by technology (yet) has been significantly increasing. Therefore, it is important that we foster the skills which are in high demand on the job market.

The aim of this project is to increase the likelihood of employment of young people, by strengthening the competences of youth workers within the current employability trends.


  • To raise awareness upon the most important employability trends

  • To educate youth workers on the most sought-after employability skills nowadays

  • To share experience of youth workers within employability trends and skills

  • To give youth workers tools and methods upon how to support young people to develop valuable skills for the labour market

By educating the young workers about the current most sought-after skills among job applicants such as creativity and emotional intelligence, they will pass the skills and knowledge acquired onto the young people they work with, and their follow-up work and activities will foster the employability skills among young people. As part of the follow-up and dissemination activities, they will be expected to raise awareness among the young people they work with about the topics of critical thinking, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness, unconscious biases and others.

Date: 23 November - 2 December 2021

We are entitled to delegate 3 youth workers to the project.

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