Activate YOUth for social change

During this project, you can learn what methods you can use in order to activate young people, encourage young people to start their own initiatives and to support them in the process. We will learn how to enhance our creativity, how to conduct effective brainstorming sessions and how to create our own non-formal methods. As part of the project, the participants will create new non-formal methods to make young people more active and will test them with youngsters in the local schools in Plovdiv. Sessions to share good case practices and discuss future partnerships with the other participants, intercultural events and interesting leisure time activities are part of the diverse program of this training course!

During the project, a toolkit was created and the Hungarian participants of the training course shared their experiences with youth workers and young people during a meetup event which was held in Budapest, 28 October 2022.

Toolkit Activate Youth for Social Change.pdf

Date: 19-28 September 2022

We delegated 3 youth workers to the project.

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