Act locally, change internationally

The idea of the project is to increase the citizen participation of young people in the legislative process in the European Union.

Starting with the local branch we will go through the impact of dialogue in the community and the value that can be brought to our cities through it. Following, we will discover how legislation is discussed, processed and voted on on a national level. We will also look into the European Union’s role and how it affects domestic politics. Lastly, we will examine EU legislation, and the democratic functions of the Union. At the end of all this process we will write an “EU citizens initiative”, a democratic tool of the Union aimed to introduce actions and laws based on the citizen’s wishes.

The project incorporates both digital and physical elements.

  1. For the first part the activities will take place through online platforms with the use of interactive tools. Allowing both the development of discussion and team building.

  2. After the digital activities we will meet in Stockholm where we will write together an “EU-citizens” initiative and talk to the citizens of Stockholm about our passions and the EU’s legislative role in making them a reality.

Date: 10-22 January 2022 (online), 23-24 January 2022 (face-to-face)

Participating countries: Sweden, Netherlands, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus and Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 3 participants (age 18-30) and a mentor to the project.

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