Art in Recycling

Art in Recycling is an Erasmus+ youth mobility project gathering 37 young people from 6 countries which will take place between 23 August and 1 September 2022 in Bad-Mondorf, Luxembourg. The project is focused on creative recycling for promoting European Green Deal and sustainable life style for soceity.

The aim of the project is to encourage young people to actively contribute to environmental protection by recycling and re-using old material in a fun and creative way. What is more, the participants will gain the skills to create video and photo tutorials and to promote them on the internet media so that the creative recycling techniques will be shared with wider audience.


  • to raise awareness about environmental problems;

  • to promote and better understand European Green Deal strategies among young people to empower young people with skills of creative recycling and creating media outputs to be able to react on environmental problems in an innovative way and transfer it to their everyday lives and to reach wider public;

  • to encourage and motivate young people to become active citizens in their society;

  • to improve participants´ media and promotion skills to be able to have impact on wider community and to share project results on international level;

  • to promote Erasmus + opportunities, intercultural cooperation and nonformal education;

  • to enable participants to work in intercultural environment to discover new cultures and countries and hence increase tolerance and acceptance of diversity;

  • to improve participant´s ability to work in a group and to cooperate.

Date: 23 August-1 September 2022

Participating countries: Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 5 young people to this mobility.