Adaptive Strategies for Youth Empowerment


Adaptive Strategies for Youth Empowerment (ASYE) is a training course for youth workers, educators and NGO representatives working with young people who want to increase their ability to create social change. Relevant youth workers will gain knowledge, skills and attitudes about intercultural learning, active listening, recognition of the various components of a story, and how expressing feelings and emotions concur to create meaningful conversations around cultures and identities. Throughout the training course, we will explore how Dance Theatre, based on the German Tanztheater, can help to facilitate intercultural and nonverbal communication in youth organizations and communities.

This training course comes from the urgency to offer new methods and approaches for youth workers who need adaptive methods and strategies since they have the ability to gather youth in a common denominator regardless of the backgrounds of people in the art environment. This training is based on non-conventional and non-formal education with a self-directed learning approach and peer-to-peer interaction. The activities proposed in the training course are meant to be widely inclusive and adaptable to different contexts in a way to make sure everyone feels involved in the sessions at all times.

Date: 3-10 July, 2022

Venue: Pisa, Italy

Participating countries: Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine.

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