Common values - our future

As part of the debate on the future of Europe, 47% of Europeans think their voice counts in the EU. The future of the European Union, its development and integration depends on young people. As citizens, they have or will have a real impact on its activities. However, this will not be possible without European awareness and basic information about the functioning of the European Union. This knowledge can be gained and deepened thanks to this project and its assumed results.

The main goal of this project is to increase competences and knowledge about EU values, the opportunities that the EU gives us and the threats to the EU and ways to deal with them.


  • increase of knowledge about the history of the European Union, its founders and important dates,

  • getting to know European values ​​and having to live in harmony with them,

  • expanding knowledge about the opportunities and benefits that the EU gives us,

  • increase of knowledge about EU member states and their changes in the country after joining the EU,

  • developing skills related to formulating threats to the EU and ways to deal with them,

  • increase of knowledge about the UK's exit from the EU, knowledge of the causes and effects and possibilities how to prevent similar movements in the future,

  • increase of initiative and extension of interpersonal competences by doing interviews with the local community and conducting workshops for school, establishing cooperation,

  • broadening the competence for debating,

  • establishing intercultural dialogue and dialogue between organizations, building a network of contacts and overcoming barriers in intercultural communication,

  • exchange of views, problem solving, development of creative thinking,

  • promoting the concepts of freedom, tolerance, equality and respect for human rights among young people.

Date: 19-25 June 2021

Participating countries: Poland, Malta, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 7 participants (age 18-27) and a group leader to the project. The application is closed already.

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