Compos Mentis

Inclusion and mental well-being in youth projects

The project's objective is to foster inclusion and encourage diversity during youth projects by equipping youth workers in the necessary tools to facilitate groups with participants with fewer opportunities in the field of mental health. We want to approach mentioned topics during two training courses which will bring together youth workers from 10 different countries (3 participants per country) and give them an opportunity to develop their knowledge about mental disorders and skills and attitudes to deal with them by creating a safe learning environment for all young people during the projects. First TC will focus on recognizing various mental health issues and exploring different types of psychotherapy approaches and the second TC will be devoted to creating together therapeutic tools ready to use during youth projects to enhance inclusion and secure proper group dynamics.

The objectives of the 1st TC Compos Mentis:

  • recognize various mental health issues and explore different types of psychotherapy approaches;

  • boost leadership resilience and adaptability in a VUCA world;

  • learn, practice and apply methods for social inclusion;

  • recognize, empathize and include participants with fewer opportunities in the area of mental health and improve group dynamics in youth projects;

  • learn and practice Person-Centred Therapy methods, Nonviolent Communication, Gordon Communication Model

The main purpose of the first training course is to familiarize youth workers with different types of mental disorders and psychotherapeutic approaches and equip them in necessary knowledge and competences fostering inclusion and ensuring the mental well-being of the participants during youth projects.

The objectives of the 2nd TC Compos Mentis ToolBox:

  • explore therapeutic LARP’s impact on fostering social inclusion;

  • test and evaluate existing therapy tools;

  • design our own therapeutic tools within the Design Thinking process;

  • make therapeutic tools video-manual for youth workers

The main purpose of the second training course is to prepare youth workers to design their own therapeutic and group dynamic tools ready to use during their projects.

Dates: 14-21 August and 14-21 September 2021

Participating countries: Poland, Greece, Croatia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 3 youth workers to the project.

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