Creating Opportunities raising Promotion of Social inclusion

This project idea has started with some partners abroad who just started to work with European Solidarity Corps and volunteering. All of us we are working constantly on the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and we believe that solidarity is the key to integrate and support integration of disadvantaged youth.

The reason why we strongly believe that solidarity and volunteering support the integration of young people and social inclusion, connecting also to the new European Youth Strategy which we believe we match through our project:

  • Encourage young people to become active citizens, agents of solidarity and positive change for communities across Europe, inspired by EU values and a European identity;

  • Help prevent youth social exclusion.

Through volunteering and social inclusion we would like to provide more opportunities to young people to connect, engage and become active integrated citizens, with values of tolerance, solidarity and open minded. The best way we thought would be for sure involving not only European countries, since the power of volunteering is to unite people we decided to involve organisations from all the different neighboring countries of European Union, from Eeastern Union, Mediterrenean area of Africa, Western Balkans and the rest of Europe. This is going to give an added value of diversity and opportunity to youngsters become ambassadors of European Values through volunteering projects.

The main aim of our project is to create a strong network of organizations who host and send volunteers with fewer opportunities by creating not only good projects but also an high quality process for the organisations and the volunteers. new high quality projects within beginners organisations who both are working in European Solidarity Corps programme.


  • To raise awareness of the importance of volunteering and forms of civic commitment in favor of the community;

  • To deepen all the opportunities of European Solidarity Corps and discover which may be the most suitable actions for the youngsters with fewer opportunities every organization is working with;

  • To explore the concept of solidarity and increase participation of young disadvantaged;

  • To share best practices and high quality processes of project management, implementation and dissemination of ESC projects among different players involved in;

  • To introduce digital media as potential instrument of activities with volunteers and inspire future projects

  • To start up a strong network of organisations working under European Solidarity Corps with young people with fewer opportunities and social inclusion;

  • To create space for at least 4 new projects within the European Solidarity Corps in different actions (volunteering team, volunteering, training and jobs, solidarity projects)

Dates: Autumn 2021

Participating countries: Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Russian Federation, Georgia, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria.

We are entitled to delegate 2 representatives to the project.

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