The world is in the midst of a mass extinction crisis, losing species at 1,000times the natural background rate. As a result of human population growthand ever-increasing consumption, threatened and endangered species are facing habitat loss, introduction of exotic species, and climate disruption.

The future of endangered species and the future of humanity are intrinsically linked. The combined forces of poverty, population growth, climate change,and environmental destruction threaten both. In short, biodiversity hotspot sare often also human hots pots, too.

Our mission is to save vanishing ecosystems, prevent biodiversity loss, and rescue communities from the aftermath of environmental destruction. We work at the intersection of population growth, climate change, and biodiversity hotspots. Our goal is to help mediate the competing interests of a growing population and a planet that has reached its limits of sustainability.

Date: 16 - 25 March, 2022

Venue: St. Peters, Sint Maarten, The Caribbeans

Participating countries: Hungary, France, Turkey.

We are entitled to delegate 10 participants between age 18-30. The application is closed.

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