Creative Entrepreneurship

The training course Creative Entrepreneurship is developed with the motto that “a goal of every young people is to break out of the box.” Creative entrepreneurship is a path to stimulate young people's spirit of initiative, their ability to think imaginatively and originally, their readiness to take risk in order to achieve economic, political, social or environmental goals. During the seven days training course we will implement activities and exercises that strengthen some of these basic creative entrepreneurship competence: team-building, facilitation, communication, intercultural competence and creative thinking skills. We will explore why creative thinking is considered a core entrepreneurship skill and enhance participants’ power as entrepreneurs by increasing their ability to think creatively. The training course will contribute not only to the personal development of the participants, but also promote exchange of best practices and establishment of new connections among all over the Europe.

The aim of training course is to train youth workers, youth leaders and project managers to apply the practical experience of designing innovative projects for young people and ways to promote the partnership opportunities through their projects. As we live in a changing world, the young people in the world face unprecedented challenge which is the less of opportunities for getting the suitable jobs. Even though, they have innovative ideas to startup. But people around sometimes don’t support them.

The training course will implement through spreading the values of cohesion, cooperation, courage and social inclusion. As results of training course, participants are going to be able to design innovative projects that will be provided by active tools of social entrepreneurship. We have to be ready to learn how to lead the best practices and know-how of social innovation projects.

"Creative Entrepreneurship" is a training course specially designed to encourage young people for creation of their own social or business projects. The value of the training is in designing and implementation of small entrepreneur ideas of participants to get experience for realization them coming back home.

Date: 9-17 December 2021

Participating countries: Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 4 youth workers to the project. The application has not been opened yet.

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