Critical Thinking

The general objective of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange initiative is to link young people (aged 18-30), youth workers, youth organisations, students, and academics from Europe and the South Mediterranean through online learning activities in order to strengthen people-to-people contacts and intercultural dialogue.

This 4 week project is based around the general topic of critical thinking. During each of the four weeks, participants will be sent access to TED-Ed content. This content includes a video, a quiz based on the video, and reflection.

  1. Why do people fear the wrong things?

  2. Managing Conflicts

  3. Critical Thinking

  4. Why it’s so hard to make healthy decisions

Each week, there will also be an 1.5 hours Online Facilitated Dialogue session based around that week’s topic/theme.

Date: 6 April - 1 May 2020

Participating countries: up to 15 countries from from Europe and the South Mediterranean.

We are entitled to delegate 10 participants between age 18-30. The application is open.

Infopack (613 KB) with application link.

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Cover photo: Szeged, the third biggest city of Hungary and the biggest city of the South-East region of the country. It is famous of its beautiful dome; swarming of mayflies called "flowering of Tisza river" and it hosts the biggest art festival of Hungary every July. It is the warmest place in Hungary, also called the "city of sunshine".