Digital Power

The aim of the project is empower 32 youth workers and NGO members to use digital possibilities effectively by increasing their digital literacy.


  • To analyse problems which are caused by lack of digital literacy skills in NGOs.

  • To improve digital literacy and critical thinking skills of project‘s participants.

  • To raise awareness about importance of digital literacy and provide simple ways how to increase it for participants and their local communities.

Topic related activities

  • presenting, learning and practically trying to use different digital tools (prepared by participant groups),

  • how to scan documents without having a scanner

  • survey with locals about digital literacy level and common problems

  • simulation – working in virtual teams

  • study visit to programming company,

  • how to apply Office formatting requirements appropriately; PDF files – small secrets how to make work with PDF faster and easier;

  • file storage – how to upload documents to clouds and store your files appropriately (not to loose them and not to get lost).

  • Erasmus+ visual identity: meeting with representatives of NA, importance of programme’s visibility, appropriate use of Erasmus+ logo, how to put Erasmus+ logo on photos, videos. Uploading files and information in programme related sites: Youthpass, Mobility tool etc. (how to prepare appropriate .xls or .csv file for data import).

  • fishbowl discussion about pros and cons of various digital tools

  • practical game with tasks which require using digital tools

Date: 18-25 August 2021

Participating countries: Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 4 youth workers to the project.



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