This youth exchange would like to bring together 25 young people from 5 programme countries. The project will take place in Faenza,Italy and will last for 6 days excluding travel days. The main topic of this youth exchange is the promotion of environmental protection through art. Young people will learn about and discuss the most important environmental problems and risks that exist in their countries and in the whole of Europe. Participants will learn how citizens, individually and as a group, can make a positive impact on the crisis, and transfer this knowledge to others through creative means and art inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Faenza.


  • Encouraging young people to gain a better understanding of ecology and environment protection and the way in which Europe is dealing with this problem; in order to achieve this first objective of ours, we will use a variety of non-formal activities promoting the active participation of young European citizens in their local communities to take initiatives and protect the environment, learn new sustainable practices to be included in their everyday lives and new ways to raise awareness of others around these issues

  • Developing the intercultural dialogue between youngsters from 5different countries through activities based on non-formal education, which highlights the traditional customs of their countries as well as the importance of heritage; to reach this goal we will focus on the value and the beauty of multiculturality, the transnational cooperation of youngsters coming from the different cultural, social, linguistic background and be united to express their ideas, opinions and creativity around issues that tolerate the nowadays European societies

  • Collaborating and getting inspired by the local ceramics culture of Faenza while learning artistic tools to promote sustainability related messages to the public; to achieve this aim we will be inspired by the famous, local art of ceramics and sustainable methods to be used in its creation, but also we will promote the significance of cultural heritage and present new sustainable ways for its conservation and promotion

  • Developing a creative and artistic language that will be translated to an installation, in which the participants will show their perception of the topic of this project.

The project partners are:

SE.M.I. - Seeds for More Interculture APS - Italy


Stating that we are all equal in creativity, SE.M.I. aims to integrate young Italians and foreigners in the local community and to provide youngsters with the possibility to live in a rich intercultural and creative environment where to exchange opinions and develop new ideas.

Hidak Ifjúsági Alapítvány (Youth bridges Budapest) - Hungary


Youth Bridges Budapest was founded by three youth workers in order to help young people to deal with challenges of the 21st century, with special regard to skill-oriented learning, development of transferable and intercultural competencies, encourage active citizenship at both national and international level, prevent youth alienation and support early career planning.

Euro-Mediterranean Organisation for Training and international Consultancy - EMOTiC- Austria


EMOTiC applies a multidisciplinary approach in all its areas of activities. By doing so it helps to recognise where ideas and issues may cross, but more significantly where diverse ideas and issues should interact. This is based on the evidence that today’s challenges are multifaceted problems that require comprehensive interventions in order to achieve impactful, efficient and effective results. In this respect, EMOTiC’s standard is SUSTAINABILITY, its norm is SOLIDARITY, its power is DIVERSITY, and its mission is INCLUSIVITY.

SOPRO - Solidariedade e Promoção ONGD - Portugal


SOPRO is a non-profit organization founded in 1996, situated in Barcelos, Portugal. The SOPRO’s mission is the youth's education on solidarity and promotion of cooperation projects for human development in the world. As inspiration for future work, SOPRO has a vision: to be a promoting actor of the participation of all and, in particular, of young people as witnesses and a channel for solidarity.

Building Bridges Cultural Association - Spain


Building Bridges was founded in 2008 to promote a spirit of community integration and to foster European culture awareness among the youth. Building Bridges is presented at the local level as a tool to assist and support the implementation of non-formal education courses and improving knowledge of European labor system practices. Building Bridges organizes courses, visits and meetings, European events for public agencies on policies concerning youth, mobility, sports, local economic development, culture and cooperation with developing countries. Building Bridges believes that transnational experience could offer young people the opportunity to grow within a European dimension through their personal and professional skills, so that they could become main actors of the European future.

— Danai Nakou, project manager: info@associazionesemifaenza.com

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Date: 25 April - 2 May, 2022

We are entitled to delegate 4 participants and a group leader to the project.

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