This is a mobility for youth workers project, targeting organizations working with young people, in order for them to reflect about Emotional Education as an education tool, in order to boost social change and improve skills as youth workers in this field.

Educative system does not offer any answer to personal emotional needs, because it prioritizes academic contents dictated every year with the same methodology.

In our daily job with youth we realize that there are some need that we can work on it with emotional education:

  • Lack of tools to work about emotions in our everyday life.

  • Key to change the society in the future.

  • Increasing of psychological problems in the last years.


  • Bringing the concept of emotional education closer to educators working with childhood and youth

  • Understanding the importance of work about the emotions, and with a stile that take care about them.

  • Exchanging the differences approaches of the concept in different countries

  • Providing tools to work with emotional education in different educational areas.

  • Getting the motivation to work in it

  • Creating communication networks between educators from different fields and different countries

In this course we will discuss the importance of emotional education for the educational process of the young people, and how we can use emotional education for the social change.

Date: 19-24 October 2020

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