Quality in Learning Mobility

Meeting of Multipliers

EPLM 2019 Winter Newsletter.pdf

In Spring 2019, the European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM) launched two new tools to support quality in learning mobility projects in the youth field: the www.QualityMobility.app and the Handbook on Quality in Learning Mobility.

To increase the knowledge and use of these two brand new tools across Europe, the team of the Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth (coordinating EPLM), in cooperation with the SALTO Inclusion and Diversity Resource Centre organised a meeting to create a network of Quality Ambassadors (multipliers).

The meeting was held in the European Youth Centre Budapest with 60 experts from 33 countries. Hungary was represented by a colleague of the Tempus Public Foundation (Hungarian National Agency) and one of the co-founders of Youth Bridges Budapest, Csenge Kolozsvári.

During these two days, participants got to know the two new EPLM quality tools more in detail by attending workshops about the Q! App and the Handbook; discussed and designed a dissemination and usage plan at European and national level; and worked on enhancing the content of the App, and envisaging possible developments for the Handbook.

Our expert is going to work on an e-learning course about the tools. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date!

Date: 22-24 July 2019

Participating countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Hungary.

Youth Bridges Budapest was represented by one of our co-founders on the meeting.