Fourth Pillar of Democracy

Media is known as the 4th pillar of democracy as it plays an important role in keeping democracy alive. It is a connecting link between the Government and the people, as it helps to communicate to the latter about the policies and efficiency/ inefficiencies that may impact them.

Also the media has a role of that of a watchdog, one who will represent the masses and also keep a track of the reckless spending of public money by the people in power. Hence, the role of the media cannot be sidelined in any way. People often get influenced by what they read, hear and see on the news that is brought in front of them via newspapers, radio, television and now social media too. It cannot be ruled out that the audience's opinions are often influenced by this news and helps them to choose their representative in the Panchayat, Municipality, Assembly or the Parliament.

But what has happened to such a strong medium in recent years? Are we really seeing ethical journalism or has the media just become a mouth-piece for vested interests?

Date: 21-29 March, 2023

Venue: Gåsbustua, Hamar NORWAY

Participating countries: Germany, Norway, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain, Macedonia and Turkey.

We are entitled to delegate 4 participants (18-30) and 1 group leader (no age limit)

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