From Field to Plate

In 2020, the World was surprised by the Covid-19 epidemic, which greatly changed the way we look at the world and life. In the meantime, it has been shown how important local nutritional self-sufficiency is. It was during this period that many people decided to start growing their own vegetables, fruits and food in general. With this project we want to show young people how important it is to protect rural parts of our countries; how important it is to preserve the knowledge of self sufficiency and also how youngsters from the city can also be more self-sufficient. Nowadays we are forgetting how long does it take that we get our food from the supermarket to our plates. During the project we will get to know the process of food production, we will get to know enviromental protection, we will learn how to be more self sufficient and how to produce our own food. The project will include visiting examples of good practices, like farms, estates, local zero waste shops, excursion trips, work actions with creating our own garden and attending international conference.

The goals of the activity are:

- to acquaint young people with the importance of local self-sufficiency

- motivate young people and encourage them to grow locally

- get to know the positive aspects of local self-sufficiency

- get to know the local food offer of all participating partners

- to connect with each other and go together through changes in the field of local self-sufficiency

In addition to the goals related to the theme of our project, we also want:

- improve presentation, communication and linguistic skillsmprove the skills of group work, networking and division of labor

- improve the ability to take responsibility and independence

- improve knowledge of foreign languages

Date: 17-21 June, 2022

Venue: Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Participating countries:

Slovenia Mladinsko drustvo Moja Sobota

(7 participants) contact:

Hungary (Hidak Ifjúsági Alapítvány)

(7 participants)

Greece (Active Green Solution)

(7 participants) contact:

Bulgaria Youth Senate Bulgaria

(7 participants) contact:

Lithuania Enterprising Partners

(7 participants) contact:

Poland Idea For Life

(7 participants) contact:


(7 participants) contact:

We are entitled to delegate 6 participants between age 18-30 and one group leader (no age limit).

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