Gamification in Youth Information

Gamestorming has the purpose of discovering and putting together new tools for the dynamisation and gamification of youth information in its different formats (counselling, talks, workshops, fairs, etc.). By bringing together 15 European organisations from different countries connected with youth work, the seminar intends to be the meeting point and platform to share and exchange different practices and ideas to implement games and non-formal education in the way of providing information to the youth. All in all, to be able to give a twist to the traditional way of being informed in order to motivate and engage more youngsters.

From this, the project also aims to work as a partnership building activity, and that this contact seminar will create a scenario where youth workers get to know each other better and start developing a solid network of organisations within the same topic of interest.

Aim and objectives

  • To raise awareness about the concept of Gamification

  • To share good practices in the field of youth information

  • To inspire youth workers to develop their own techniques of information transmission

  • To create, develop and collect new tools

  • To equip youth workers with new ressources that can be used in their daily work

  • To analyze and reconsider the way that we facilitate information

  • To put in common needs and realities, finding common interests and challenges

  • To create a scenario for reflexion about the importance of vivencial approach in learning

  • To boost active participation and engagement of youngsters in informative sessions

  • To build a solid partnership with the common interest of Gamification in Youth Information

  • To foster the compromise in the implementation of local activities

  • To plan future projects to put the results together

Feedback by one of our participant:

I am glad to have had thea chance to participate in the gamification project and represent the Hungarian organisation.

It was a really special experience working with people from 17 different countries. Brainstorming and creating new elements from games to increase engagement in social problems, sustainability, or education. We were organized into a small project group, which allowed us to thoroughly approach and discuss the topic from several aspects. The five days were divided into different sections, including but not limited to:

  • firstly, being introduced to the organisation, its goals and projects, while having had the opportunity to build invaluable network with participants from all over the globe

  • secondly, creating an escape room to simulate a gamification experience to end-users

  • thirdly, taking part in gamified sightseeing tour in Barcelona

  • finally, experiencing first-hand a virtual-reality based training by an external vendor

We could have 1:1 discussions, presentations, group projects, games and sightseeing tours.

I have learned many new techniques on how to raise motivation through games, which is very important in my profession as well.

This project has taught me a lot about myself. Moreover, I could build new relationships and make some cool friends. I think it’s a great opportunity for every young, open-minded person who wants to develop his/her social skills and get ready to learn in a non-formal way.

Date: 14-20 November 2021

Participating countries: Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Czechia, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 2 members or volunteers of Youth Bridges Budapest to this project.

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