Get transnational, Get Solidarity

The Transnational Cooperation Activity was organised by the Injuve (Spanish National Agency) in Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain between 1-6 July 2019. Our team member, Csenge Kolozsvári participated the training course about Erasmus+ Transnational Youth Initiatives and European Solidarity Corps solidarity projects.

"After a long and challenging journey (luggages lost and found), we arrived to Cercedilla, a small town about one hour trip from Madrid. Well, it is not really what you expect if you think of Spain - actually, it was less hot in the Fuenfría mountains than in Budapest. In this beautiful natural environment, my first Erasmus+ TCA adventure has begun.

I have never worked in such a diverse group before and I have to tell you: it is amazing! Although we were all different, everyone found his place in the team and participated in the activities. Different organisations from 11 countries (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Hungary) were represented on the training.

My expectations to learn about EU-funded opportunities for young people to make their own ideas happen and how to support them during their project, were fulfilled. After getting to know each other and team building activities, we had an opportunity to present our organisation in the NGO fair and to present our country in the intercultural evening. We met the EntreComp framework and spent one day with brainstorming and practicing project development what I found the most useful although I really liked the coaching exercise too.

Let me share with you the main question of the last day: what solidarity is? Is it something individual, a feeling that you have when you realize the injustice and need around you? Or is it an action of a group to make our environment better? Maybe we do not have to answer this question in words, but in acting - good to know that the EU supports us in it! :)

After the training course I feel even more motivated to support local initiatives of young people than I was before. I would like to say thank you for the Tempus Public Foundation for their support and highly encourage everobody to apply for TCAs!"

Date: 1-6 July 2019

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Hungary.

We delegated one participant to the training course.