How to take care of (your) nature in daily life

Our headline will be to create an ecofriendly Youth Exchange, where we all experience what it is to take better care on a day to day basis for (your) nature. Method: learning by doing and reflecting on it. And bring the results into the world, by being an inspirational model for others.

It is an experiment: in experiencing how it is when we eat less meat, shower shorter, and so on. And also: airplanes have a great negative impact, but we do want international mobilities, so that we all learn, that is’t not how to be perfect, but that we are aware and can make choices. So we can chose other things. We for example chose not to eat meat anymore for breakfast or lunch. So we help each other with workshops, discussions and other activities to create awareness, inspire each other with ideas, reflect on what is possible for us and what's not.

The objectives of this youth exchange are:

  • To create awareness for young people on what eco-friendly living means for them and how they can be an inspirational model for others, by exploring how they can connect with their nature, with the natural environment and by promoting selfcare with daily exercises.

  • To let young people inspire each other on how to live an eco-friendly life by living eco-friendly during the Youth Exchange on a day to day basis.

  • To promote youth involvement with environmental issues and selfcare by organizing workshops and finally a local event where they will give the workshops to invited guests and the press, so they can be an inspirational model for others on how to take care of (your nature) in everyday life.

  • To promote transnational friendship/bonding by working together in a food forest, clean up a piece of affected nature, sharing ideas on what we can do for nature. And provide participants intercultural learning experiences where they can learn about, with and from other cultures.

  • To empower the feeling that they can make a change in what they are already can DO in their daily routines and empower the feeling that they can be an active citizen that can make a change in the case of environmental issues.

Date: 10-19 June 2022

Participating countries: The Netherlands, Slovakia, Turkey and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 5 participants (age 18-30) and a group leader to the project.

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