kHIK it

Strategies to engage socially isolated youngsters

How can we intercept young people in social isolation and those at risk? And when intercepted, how can we help them? The project "kHIK it – Strategies to engage socially isolated youngsters”, intends to provide these questions with an answer, uniting trainers, educators and youth workers from eight European countries in the analysis of the characteristics of the phenomenon and in the definition of strategies for prevention and intervention.

The project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is implemented by nine nonprofit organizations: Akira (Italy), TEAM4Excellence and Sprijin si Dezvoltare (Romania), Contextos (Portugal), Fundacja "Zielony Slon" (Poland), Hidak Ifjúsági Alapítvány (Hungary), G.U.I.D.E. (Bulgaria), The Network of Youth Engagement (Greece) and Youth BCN (Spain).

“kHIK it” was created in response to the emergence of a new form of youth distress, revealed through a voluntary social isolation. An emerging phenomenon that mainly affect young people from 14 to 30 years of age and which, undefined in size and characteristics by specific European surveys, is now largely subject of research. Over ten months, the following activities will be implemented:

  • focus groups about juvenile discomfort and social isolation, that will involve, in addition to the national delegations of participants, youth leaders and representatives of youth organizations from the territory of each partner;

  • a four-day seminar, to be held in Naples (Italy) in July 2020, that will involve 29 youth workers, who will exchange experiences, skills, techniques, strategies and good practices, to define methodologies and tools to prevent and intervene in cases of social isolation or risk situations;

  • piloting workshops in schools, in each of the partners' local realities, to test and eventually adapt the strategies;

  • publication of the handbook "Social isolation - Techniques and strategies for preventing and combating the phenomenon", that will be available in e-book format on the project platform for free download.

Date: 28 October - 1 November 2021

Participating countries: Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 3 youth workers to the seminar.

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