“Listen” is a training course focused on deep listening and connecting to ourselves, other people and nature. It’s divided into four parts:

  • Listen to myself, during which we will focus mainly on exploring our minds, bodies, emotions, spirits as well as our strengths, dreams and values, building a stronger understanding of what’s deep inside us.

  • Listen to another person, during which we will develop skills of active listening, empathy, recognising and reacting to different emotions, we will get to know, understand and practice basic techniques of coaching and non-violent communication.

  • Listen to the community, during which we will visit local changemakers and activists, involved in deep listening and serving the local community and we will build our own solutions for community challenges using the Design Thinking methodology.

  • Listen to the nature, during which we will get more connected with nature, understanding its evolution, we will explore the potential of permaculture, studying solutions implemented in the training venue and experiencing it through designed hands-on activities.

At the end of the training course, the participants are inspired and empowered to create and implement actions on the local level. These actions are connected to the project topic and dedicated to young people as well as other youth workers.

Date: 14-25 October 2021

Participating countries: Poland, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 3 youth workers to the project.



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