Listen Active, Communicate Effective

Project Aims:

  • To increase the quality of youth work through participating youth and youth organizations,

  • To raise awareness of the participants about the importance of effective communication

  • To provide an environment where young people can exchange information about ways of effective communication

  • Encouraging young people to empathize by talking to people who have been exposed to communication barriers

  • Informing young people about the factors that affect communication positively and negatively

  • Encouraging young people to have positive communication by comparing the results of positive and negativecommunication examples

  • Explaining various communication profiles to young people

  • Describing the features required for effective communication

  • Explaining the importance of active listening in communication,

Date: 20-28 February, 2023

Venue: Marseille, France

Participating countries: France, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 5 participants (18-30) and 1 group leader (no age limit)

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