Media literacy and critical thinking in the Information Age

The main aim of the project is to equip youth workers, youth leaders and professionals active in the youth field with a set of critical thinking skills and improve their media literacy which will be applied in their work with young people by means of non-formal education.

Main objectives:

  • Developing an understanding of the term critical thinking, retrospection, fundamentals, basic principles

  • Improving media literacy – recognizing misleading, false or manipulative information in mass media, social media and other media channels. Improving media content analysis skills. Developing recognition skills of altered images with Photoshop or other software with the help of professional graphic design session.

  • Understanding the role of media manipulation for the incitement of prejudice and stereotypes towards national groups, ethnicities, vulnerable groups of people and other target groups.

  • Sharing good practices from participating countries on fighting false news phenomena.

  • Exploring in-depth European Union practices and strategies to fight propaganda and false news.

  • Developing new non-formal tools and methods to work with young people for the development of their critical thinking and media literacy.

  • Developing project management skills in the field of Erasmus + programme.

Date: 30 June -7 July, 2022

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Latvia, The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary

We are entitled to delegate youth workers to the project.

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