Mediation On Responsibilities and Exploitation - MORE

Project idea

The project has its core in the testing of the role play game MORE.The idea of the role play is to deal with the issue of massive immigration in the imaginary country of Enotria and, at the same time, to learn negotiating skills in a seemingly authentic scenario .Each player/team represents one party to the conflict, an associated body or, alternatively, an outside mediator who remains as neutral as possible.

The role play encourages players to think about conflicts, crises, peace and mediation. The aim is that, through their roles, they can understand the complexity of various conflicts and the reasons why the resolution of conflicts and crises both between and within states entails many types of challenges.

Project objectives

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • analyze the phenomenon of conflict management at any level: personal, professional, local, national and international;

  • lay the foundations for better intervention in conflict resolution at the local and international level;

  • help to better understand the educational consequences of conflict situations;

  • provide educational insights on the topic in practical tools, reflections on proactive methods, exchange of good practices with non-formal education methods;

  • increase international cooperation: networking and advocacy, to create the best conditions for mutual understanding;

  • to test a role play game to analyze conflict management, conflict management styles and improve the soft skills needed during the conflict situation

Date: 13-21 November, 2022

We are entitled to delegate 4 youth workers to the project.

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