Movement for Change

In September 2021 in Crikvenica, Croatia a youth exchange 'Movement for change' was held, which brought together 29 young people from five countries: Croatia, Spain, England, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Through different types of workshops participants gained new knowledge and discovered new ways of activism that involve the human movement. They became more aware that different approaches can contribute to change and became motivated to transfer new knowledge to their communities and to make small changes.

Main objectives of the youth exchange:

  • to empower young people to become active in their communities by using physical movement as a method for change.

  • to create an activist message that raises awareness of social issues.

  • to take the initiative in solving social problems and empower participants to be the drivers of change in their own communities.

  • to improve participants creativity.

  • to increase intercultural dialogue and understanding through cooperation of young people from 6 different countries.

"Movement for Change" was a cheerful youth exchange in the beautiful Croatian seaside with special activities! It was all about dance and sport as the universal languages what connect us.

The final stunning performance was created together by the participants: they hold an energetic flashmob near the seaside.

Date: 20-29 September 2021

Participating countries: Croatia, England, Spain, Czechia and Hungary.

We delegated 5 young people from Hungary: Kriszti, Franciska, Karolt, Hassan and Máté


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