Building capacities of youth organizations to create online NFE activities

The current pandemic of COVID19 and strict health protection measures implemented in almost all European countries have forced youth organizations in Europe to transfer their activities and work in the online world. During this challenging period we have noticed that it is not that simple to transfer non formal education online and that many organizations kept making similar mistakes when trying to “move” training seminars and workshops designed to be held in person online without a plan or skills on how to do it efficiently. These ad hoc online training seminars and workshops failed to be interactive, engaging or even non-formal in their nature, and started resembling online classes of the high school or university subjects.

The NF@ training seminar is designed to equip the members of youth organizations and youth workers, with knowledge and skills necessary for transferring in-person methodologies in the online form. We will also work with participants on basic elements they need to run successful online activities, such as ensuring group dynamic online, managing the conflict and applying facilitation techniques.

Date: 8-13 November 2020

The training course is organised by the CONNECT International network and supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

Youth Bridges Budapest was represented by one participant on the training course.