Nice work, if you can get it

We want to raise awareness of the situation of precarious workers in different countries through this project. This problem is particulary interesting and current especially in this time, since we can see a trend of youth employment in unstable and precarious forms of work. It would not be all that bad, if this kind of work would lead to promotion and same opportunities for all young people that want to or have to get employed in this kind of way. We, young people, want to warn others that these kinds of employments don't bring stability. Precarious work is not long-term and does not allow young people to be independent. In some cases, the statistics state that these individuals are employed, unproblematic, while on the other hand, they are faced with issues like achieving minimal wage, not having sickness benefits and we don't even want to get into banks not issuing loans. Young women are often in a particulary difficult situation, since they can't have children or a family, because they don't have a stabile material basis and a guarantee, which would allow them a stabile life.

Because we think that these issues and challenges, which precarious workers are faced with deserve more attention, we decided to prepare this project.

The goals of the project:

  • to represent the problematic of precarious work and issues that these kinds of workers face, raise awareness and inform people about this issue;

  • to represent types of precarious employment and how these effect the labour market;

  • to raise awareness among young people about precarious work and the negative effects of it, their rights, consulting (Institute for employment, Student service);

  • to prepare young people and help them develop competences to prepare for their careers;

  • to present good practice examples and exchange opinions;

  • the goal of this project is to help young people find jobs (job interviews, how to write a cover letter);

  • during this project, they will learn their rights and duties, in case they get employed, as well as those, if they are unemployed;

  • encouragement of informal learning, critical thinking and improvement of competences (lifelong learning), especially for young people with fewer opportunities;

  • to motivate young people for work and show them how to perform and act in a potential job interview;

  • to encourage intercultural dialogue, building and strenghtening a european identity and values among young people;

  • raise awareness of youth about different kinds of Erasmus+ projects that are available, encourage them to educate themselves, cooperate in other projects and continue to be an active citizen of the European Union;

  • the final goal of the project is to (through awareness and merging) improve the unsecure and exploitative position, in which precarious workers are.

Date: 8-16 November 2021

Participating countries: Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 5 participants and a group leader to the project.

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