Notice, Be Healthy!

The main topic of the project is infectious diseases and it consists of subheadings such as prevention, prevention methods and the importance of controls for early diagnosis.

Aims of the project:

  • Contagious diseases that come to the agenda again with Corona, which causes many deaths day by day for young people; raising awareness by sharing information and experience about how it occurred, what media and ways it spread, the symptoms of some infectious diseases and the ways of prevention.

  • To try to prevent a physical and mental problem that may occur in young people,

  • Ensuring awareness of infectious diseases, which are increasing and less known, especially during migrations,

  • To gain awareness about the importance of sports and healthy nutrition,

  • Helping participants internalize the need to strengthen their immunity as the basis for protecting themselves from infectious diseases.

  • To make our participants aware of the information they have acquired before going to a different country to conduct research on infectious diseases and preventive measures that may occur in those countries.

  • To give information about the importance of healthy sexuality to young people,

  • Raising awareness about the importance of hygiene that helps immunity.

  • Raising awareness to be excluded from society and be tagged because of infectious diseases,

  • To emphasize the importance of sleep in immunity, to ensure regular and adequate sleep habits,

  • Preventing the postponement of going to the hospital with health checks as an excuse,

  • To teach what to do in case of any contagious disease,

  • To provide information exchange on common infectious diseases in the participating countries and in our country,

  • To have accurate and up-to-date information on communicable diseases with the presentations made.

  • To ensure that all kinds of prejudice and discrimination against people with infectious diseases are minimized,

  • To ensure that participants have easy access to quality services for prevention, early diagnosis, support, treatment, and care,

  • Awareness of the Erasmus+ programme and EU key competences;

  • To raise individuals who are responsible and have a sense of volunteering

  • Supporting the participation of disadvantaged individuals in life

  • Motivating for foreign language development and self-improvement,

  • Providing an opportunity to recognize different cultures,

  • Increasing the potential of youth work with the support of partner countries and project supporters.

Date: 7-15 September 2021

Participating countries: Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Greece, Spain and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 4 young people and a group leader to this project.

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