Our EU, our future

In the Youth Exchange “Our EU, our future”, participants had the opportunity to better understand their significant role as a young generation in building Europe. They translated theory and practice into reality by exchanging and sharing experiences among each other. The methodology used during the youth exchange raised discussions about European Union Institutions, main legislation, the benefits of member states (trade, education etc.), common currency, common values, explore the history and important politicians that have shaped EU etc. Participants had a whole image of what is EU, how it represents us, what it does for us and how young generation can contribute to promote further European integration.


  • understand the concept of European citizenship and our common European values;

  • promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity;

  • have a clear insight on EU history, EU main legislation and Institutions;

  • increase our awareness about EU policies and initiatives;

  • contribute to the sense of belonging to Europe and realize our common European identity and heritage;

  • promote democratic and social values such as social inclusion, equal opportunities and equal chances through non formal education activities and youth participation;

  • discuss about disinformation and misleading narratives of EU;

  • foster participation of young people in social life through EU Programmes (Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs etc.);

  • discuss and work on EU Youth Strategy and the 11 European Youth Goals;

  • improve the level of key competences of 36 young people, including those with fewer opportunities.

Theory and practice were mixed during the activities as there was space for participants to discuss and express their ideas, interact, reflect and self-assess at the end of each activity. Participants were actively involved in their own learning process. Using non formal education methodology, providing knowledge, skills and attitudes this youth exchange promoted familiarization with the European Union, highlight the importance of active European citizenship in order to develop democratic societies and a contribution towards a stronger, better EU.

Date: 22-30 November 2019

Participating countries: Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain, Slovakia and Hungary.

We delegated 5 participants (age 18-30) and a group leader to the project.

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