Our Rights, Human Rights!

"I am proud of having my second project as a team leader of the Hungarian team because it has been a significantly important activity through being able to organize and coordinate the team with my fellow team leader.

We have met over 40 new friends from different countries and backgrounds in addition to being introduced to human rights issues from Lithuania, Macedonia, Turkey, and the UK. Interacting with people from outside our comfort zone is a great chance to empower ourselves as public speakers and mediators when it comes to having discussions. We have understood how some of our issues as a country are also present in other countries around us which leads to the fact that we should discuss our human rights code more often as young individuals who want to see a brighter future for Europe that’s free from discrimination and filled with social inclusion.

I’ve learned more about myself as a person, what Erasmus+ might offer us as young people, and how to fight some of the human rights violations that I might encounter daily. Moreover, I’ve been introduced to the implementation of new non-formal education methods and motivating others through shaping a common goal."

Yazan Al-Saif, group leader

Involving people from different parts of Europe, this project seeks to show that the concept of human rights depend on the social and cultural context in different societies, but still it has relevance everywhere around the world. Thus, with this youth exchange we want to orient participants in the tradition of human rights and to give them the resources which will allow them to appreciate and criticize its contemporary status. Given that, we want to help young people gain better understanding and knowledge of human rights inherent to all human beings, regardless nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. This project will open discussion on some of the most important issues related to human rights, such as the current situation with the refugees and immigrants across Europe. This youth exchange also aims to empower young people to become more active in their daily life and to use their talents towards a positive cause, such as promoting democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in the civil society.

The project’s objectives are set as following:

  • to explain different approaches and perspectives about human rights, as well as to exchange experiences and practices on projects’ topic among youngsters from different countries, cultures and backgrounds;

  • to raise awareness among youth across Europe about the importance of supporting and exercising human rights;

  • to empower youth to become more active in their daily life and to use their time qualitatively and usefully;

  • to transform participant’s own personal experiences, to develop competencies and to learn a variety of techniques to develop creatively;

  • to encourage participants’ talents and build their confidence;

  • to give advice about active youth involvement and to promote social inclusion and anti-discrimination.

Date: 7-16 January 2020

Participating countries: Denmark, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Hungary.

We delegate 8 participants and 2 group leaders to this project.

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