Outside the box

By implementing the „Outside the box“ project we want to achieve an exchange of experience and proven methods of work with young people, we will learn from each other nontraditional or rarely used methods of work, we will learn about the situation in both nonformal and formal education in our countries, with problems with motivation of young people to learn and we will discuss possibilities of using methods of nonformal education in formal education. Our organizations as well as the partner organizations cooperate also with institutions of formal education and organize activities for this youth. In our project we will focus on an exchange of examples of good practice, we will discuss and search for possibilities of further using proven methods not only in nonformal education.

The objectives of our project are:

  • to increase competences of participants in the area of youth work in nonformal education

  • to develop creative skills of participants

  • to learn about nontraditional or rarely used methods used in participating organizations in nonformal education of young people

  • to share experience in using various methods of nonformal education, discuss together and propose how to include proven methods of nonformal education into formal education

  • to support cooperation of organizations and youth workers active in nonformal education with institutions and people working in formal education sector

  • to support a possibility to initiate changes as for modernization of work in the partner organizations and in organizations of formal education that cooperate with the participating NGOs

  • to give participants opportunity to understand better connections between formal and nonformal education

  • to improve the quality of work with youth

  • to develop motivation of participants to work with young people

  • to give participants an ooportunity for further professional, personal and career growth

Date: 24-31 October 2021

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Portugal, Sint Maarten and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 2 youth workers to the project.


Application: https://forms.gle/RKG1dVeNgzmzLVvB8

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