Pedal for Life

The bicycle can be described as a two-wheeled non-motorized vehicle shaped by the combination of numerous pieces of equipment. Today, it comes to the fore with advantages such as economic savings, environmental-air cleaning, physical and mental wellbeing, energy conservation, building a social atmosphere, and sending a civic message, in addition to the ease of transportation. While bicycles are often used for short-distance transportation in the modern world, they are often used for mountain, long-distance, and creative purposes.

Project Aim: The project's ultimate goal is to improve cycling and lead to the reduction of health issues, crashes, natural resource conservation, and economic growth of young people by healthy driving.

Other goals include: ensuring that at least 12 young participants who do not know how to ride a bicycle learn to ride a bicycle; promoting safe driving by the proper selection of bicycles and safety equipment, as well as teaching traffic knowledge; developing capacities in basic emergency-focused bicycle maintenance, repair, and mechanics; and raising awareness about the physical and mental health of participants.

Date: 30 September - 10 October, 2022

Participating countries: Norway, Turkey, Hungary,Romania, Czech Republic and Lithuania.

We are entitled to delegate 8 young people and 2 group leaders from Hungary:.

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