Positive Discipline

Project idea

We want to carry out this project because, in our experience, stakeholders who work with young people need to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge to develop an effective and motivating learning environment. The idea of the Positive Discipline project is to give the chance to youth workers to practice and equip themselves with efficient tools, skills and knowledge on how to manage and improve a wide variety of learning environments, both physical and online.

Project objectives

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

- Support the professional development of youth workers to equip them with more effective skills, knowledge and attitude towards;

- Create or further improve the quality of youth work at local, regional, national, European and international level through cooperation, evaluation and guidance in their line of work;

- Use non-formal and informal learning experiences for youth workers to promote connectivity, collaboration and active citizenship;

- Support the motivation, capacity and competence building of youth workers through informal and non-formal teaching methods that promote reflection, learning and sharing of good practices;

- Promote a better understanding of the challenges youth workers face in their daily work with young people;

Date: 8-16 October, 2022

We are entitled to delegate 2 youth workers to the project.

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