Sport Against Violence in Europe

Every day we hear about children being beaten, abused or even killed, but there are many othercases of which nothing is known. Many acts of violence take place behind closed doors and remain unknown, some are not even considered violent and are socially tolerated. The phenomenon of physical violence, though very widespread, being often invisible.

Therefore, the project comes as a wake-up call in order to find viable and punctual solutions for the prevention of this toxic phenomenon, 60% of the population being tolerant of violent behaviors within families. The mobility, which will take place in Antalya-Turkey will have as participants, 36 experienced youth workers that previously had contact with victims of violence or have been exposed to it, ultimately being able to share examples of good practices.

Project objectives:

  • To facilitate the exchange of information and experience between decision-makers and educational specialists for the common interests of 8 participating countries in combating violence through sport.

  • To encourage the participants to become aware of the role they need to play, as initiators or resource people, giving them the opportunity to establish numerous contacts during their Turkish mobility;

  • To raise awareness and involve community representatives in actions that include the prevention of violence by promoting a culture of tolerance and respect.

  • To provide best practices and the latest information about the tools and methods of non-formal education in combating violence through sport.

Date: TBD

Participating countries: Turkey, Romania, Italy, Spain, Latvia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 2 youth workers to the project. The application has not been opened yet.

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