Skills Mismatch in Employment

The project will be implemented in Manisa, which is located in the TR33 zone, where the youth unemployment is also shown to be higher than the Turkey’s youth unemployment. Skills mismatch is one of the basic issues that should be considered for countries where young unemployment is occurring. One of the fundamental issues that is trying to be explained regarding the ‘’skills mismatch’’ is that the employment market can not provide enough workload for all the graduates due to the fact that universities are giving too many graduates. At this point, the situation that is being tried to be explained with ‘’skills mismatch’’ is revealed.

As a result of too many people with higher education, people cannot find suitable jobs in the market, they work under their capacities and tend to lose their abilities due to lack of motivation. Many reasons show that the demands of the alumni and the labor market do not match. For this reason, it is very important that the education system is able to respond to the skills demand of employers and to keep up with the changes in the employment market. The main problems in the skills mismatch are not only education related problems. From education to employment, from economics to social life, in fields ranging from social issues to individual decisions lead to the feeling of the presence of skills mismatch and requires new regulations for this situation.

Based on this analysis, the aim of our project is to be aware of the qualitative errors that young people may make while participating in the labor market and to draw attention to the importance of their ability to work in accordance with their knowledge and skills in the long term both in terms of employability and development of their skills.

Project objectives:

  • To be able to comprehend the importance of selection of a suitable job among young people and to raise awareness about this issue

  • To bring together employers and job seekers to build a bridge between the needs of the business world and the qualities that young people must have. To enable young people to understand and listen to the qualities they must have from firsthand and take action about this matter.

  • To enable the participants to become aware of their abilities and to get mentoring from the experts about the job fields

  • To draw attention to the importance of internship and apprenticeship systems in entering the business world and gaining experience, and too share good practice examples in this field.

  • To develop the skills that will increase the motivation of the young people who cannot find a job or who have abandoned their job search.

  • To provide participants with the skills needed in modern organizations such as teamwork, interpersonal communication, initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship, learning and presentation.

  • To make the cultural interaction of young people of different nationalities and to break down prejudices

  • Informing the participants about Erasmus + and its opportunities

Date: 9-15 July, 2020

Venue: Manisa, Turkey

Participating Countries: Turkey, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 8 participants to the project.

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