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Youth Worker as a Digital Communicator

The project’s idea is a response to the need of radical rethinking of the current communication formula and implementing the content creation and dissemination tool kit, in its entirety, in youth work, to achieve transmedia communication, available to various stakeholders and, most of all – with the aim of achieving impact and social change. Working with youths requires one to know them and recognize them, not only as digital users, but also as active participants in the communication process, potential creators and distributors of online content for sharing experience. The traditional formula for learning and passing on experience, for influencing, has changed completely – which is recognized by NGO teams, who are trying to adequately take part in this process, in order to be successful in working with the young digital generation.

Aim of the project: Building the capacity of civil organizations, dealing with the problems of youths with a different profile, in the field of communication, through implementing new digital approaches in their daily practice and achieving a more effective and sustainable social interaction and change.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Intensive practical training for youth workers to develop a complex of skills and increase the digital tool kit they need, in order to be effective digital communicators, especially those, specific to the civil sector;

  2. Preparing the NGO teams for a digital transformation of youth work, through rethinking the organization’s digital communication behavior as a whole and quality promotion of the activities and results;

  3. Implementing an innovative training program for digital competence development of youths from vulnerable groups and their preparation as digital communicators;

  4. Creating an environment for exchange of experience, information and resources, good digital practices in youth work, demonstrating innovative tools and approaches for digital inclusion of youths with a different profile.

The intensive training program combines non formal training, follows the journalistic standards and ethics, and combines modern concepts of experiencing, coaching and (digital) storytelling, and techniques from improvisational theatre, to offer a unique training experience, which can lead to transformation of youths in risk groups.

The training is practically oriented and the comprehensive new knowledge and skills will be integrated in the preparation of a campaign, aiming to promote the mission/activity/cause of the organization and achieve social change, reviewing the digital profile, messages and behavior of the organizations, so they can be more successful in their work. The youth workers can use the training program, additional resources and materials, with the target groups they work with, so they can carry on the mission of increasing media and digital literacy and multiply the effect of the project.

Date: 16-23 June 2021

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Armenia, The Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia

We are entitled to delegate 2 youth workers to the training course.

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