The Little Prince

Journey to the Self

Due to this current Covid-19 situation, many have realised that we lost the skills to just be and let our mind take us on an inward journey to explore more ourselves.

To do this, the trainers will be using the book 'The Little Prince' as a baseline. All the methods and session will be linked with this book and used as a reference point which will guide the participants to their inwards journey. The participants will be visiting the different planets, meeting with the fox, the rose and also enjoy the sunrise and sunset together.

This project is targeting youth leaders/working who have just started their journey in the youth field. The main objectives of this training course are:

  • To different methods of reflection

  • To increase self-awareness

  • To focus on the inward journey for mental health

  • To learn new tools of self-growth which youth leaders/workers can use with young people

  • Learn how to analyse the real needs as a result of self-reflection

  • Increase the intra-personal skills of youth leaders/workers and young people they work with

Date: 4-11 October 2021

Participating countries: Malta, Spain, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Portugal and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 4 youth workers to this project.

Infopack and application

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