Training of Trainers

This training course aims to dealing with the issue of lack of highly qualified trainers in the youth NGOs, able to effectively share their practical knowledge and to teach the members of youth organizations the principles of human rights, team-building, motivation, project, time, and conflict management based on non-formal learning. It aims to strengthen youth leader’s capacity of sharing their practical knowledge within their teams.


  • To raise self-confidence and motivational skills of trainers in youth NGOs;

  • To improve the skills of NGO educators of sharing their knowledge;

  • To give the young leaders efficient tools to advocate, lobby and negotiate their interests;

  • To train high - qualified specialists, who can easily work in their teams and find conflicts at the initial stage;

  • To support the youth cooperation between EU and EU neighbouring countries;

  • To foster active and productive social work among young people in Turkey and participants’ countries;

  • To raise the awareness and exchange participants’ experiences in youth work;

  • To demonstrate the Europe's support of Turkey in its liberalization process;

  • To promote and facilitate the active use of programs and structures in support of youth work on European Citizenship, including the «Erasmus+» programme.

The activity develops the participants' understanding of the following topics:

  1. European citizenship (EU institutions and European programs will be presented)

  2. Participation of young people (the participants will mostly be youngsters working with youth); Understanding of young people's role in the society; By participating in the project together with people from other European and neighbouring countries, youth leaders will understand the deep meaning of being a responsible European citizen and learn that their role is not only to know Europe, but to actively build it. The training will be based on teaching the participants to understand their role in the society. It aims to make youth leaders themselves responsive to the needs of young people. This way, as future leaders of local and European communities they will be able to hear and to work together with youth, when the time comes.

  3. Cultural diversity (there will be youth leaders of 8 nationalities. Cultural diversity positive perception is a key element of strengthening bounds in European society and we provide non-limit cultural acceptance for every training member as European citizens).

  4. Entrepreneurship and fighting youth unemployment (the participants will be more capable of giving the youth practical knowledge valuable on the job market; on the other hand, the participants themselves can work as educators or the training can be an impulse to start their coaching business which will raise the employability).

Date: 6-12 September 2021

Participating countries: Turkey, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Georgia, Romania and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 2 youth workers to the project.

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