United in Diversity

We see the diversity among european nations as our biggest advantage. We are united nations of numerous languages, habits, thoughts, religious background and political beliefs which makes us unique. All of these characteristics presents our european cultural heritage, which was built and preserved by our ancestors. We want to show more tolerance and openness toward mutual cultures and modern challenges. With the help of this youth exchange we will do some exercises to develop greater tolerance, learn new methods and things about living with someone different from us. And at the end of the youth exchange we will come to appreciate the european cultural heritage.

Through the implementation of the project, we weant to give young people with fewer opportunities and those who are interested an opportunity to participate in an European project, that will raise awareness, teach and strengthen the competencies and soft skills that we are deprived of through education and are only available to us through informal education aimed at diverse social and cultural societies.

The goals of the project are:

  • to promote and strengthen tolerance to diversity,

  • raise social responsibility towards cultural heritage,

  • raise awareness of individual beliefs about cultural goods,

  • improve the ability of teamwork,

  • strengten the sense of responbility, independence, tolerance,

  • learn about other cultures,

  • recognizing local, national and European cultural heritage.

During the project you will talk about: Erasmus+, YouthPass, cuisine of participating coutries, EU, history of EU, cultural heritage with getting to know the attractions and traditions, religion in Europe, stereotypes, traditions of Slovenia with examples in the region, getting to know minorities, refugees, creativity and tolerance.

Date: 2-10 December 2019

Participating countries: Slovenia, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Romania and Hungary.

We delegate 5 participants and a group leader to the project.

You can download the infopack here (1,19 MB). Please read it carefully, there are important information and the application link in it!

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