Virtual Summer Camp

This project is a consortium of 6 partners with the goal of bringing young people together in a virtual environment.

Through this experience you will be able to learn, share and connect with young people from a variety of nations and will have the chance to develop new friendships as well as your own identity.

In this project you will be able to participate in Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange activities developed by professional facilitators.

This 4 week project is based around the general topics of diversity and solidarity. During each of the four weeks, participants will receive access to BBC Three contents; work on an online project in international teams and attend weekly online sessions like Let's Talk, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange and leisure activities like intercultural nights and game nights.

Weekly topics:

  1. Disability and impairments

  2. Race and ethnicity

  3. Sexuality and gender

  4. Mental health

Date: 6-29 July 2020

Participating countries: Spain, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Hungary

We are entitled to delegate 5 participants and a group leader to the project.

If you are interested to participate our projects, join our Facebook group!

Cover photo: Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, and the favourite domestic holiday destionation of the Hungarians. It is famous for its charming towns, vineyards, nightlife of Siófok and summer music festivals.