World Under Your Feather

Nowadays society is highly influenced by social and mass media. It’s important to learn to use and evaluate information we receive. It is especially actual for young people who are vulnerable by social media. Media literate youth and adults would better understand the complex messages we receive from television, radio, Internet and other forms of media.

Learning how to write inspiring and influencing articles and how to use mass media efficiently can become significant tool to solving various youth problems – raising social problems from families to the daylight, inspiring social initiatives and youth actions, promoting advantages of lifelong and non-formal learning, encourage social and economic participation of youngsters.

Project’s objectives:

  • To raise awareness about mass media and its effects for young participants and their local communities by the end of the project.

  • To increase media literacy skills for young participants by the end of the project.

  • To learn how to use improved media skills effectively to encourage active citizenship and social and economic participation of youngsters, especially the ones with fewer opportunities.

Project’s topic and goals are related to Erasmus+ and follow its priorities as they are enhancing media literacy, critical thinking (basic skills) and sense of initiative of young people.

Date: 8-17 August 2021

Participating countries: Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Romania and Hungary.

We are entitled to delegate 6 participants (age 18-30) and a group leader to the project


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