Youth in Action to Learn About Human rights

During the youth exchange, participants will participate in talks, workshops, debates and activities around the Western Sahara conflict: past and present, consequences, and condemn and social awareness about the situation on the Saharawi refugees.

All this accompanied by the discussion and reflection of the situation and linking to other situations related to the refugees in each country and the initiatives that have been carried out there.

By participating in this project young participants will be able to:

  • Make the Sahara conflict visible and build a critical opinion on it.

  • Foster debate on different political, social and humanitarian conflicts around the world.

  • Raise awareness of the scope of political interests in the management of international conflicts.

  • Raise awareness of the magnitude of media manipulation in dealing with issues such as the refugee crisis.

  • Raise awareness on the situation of refugees, especially the Saharawi people.

  • Share knowledge, initiatives and projects carried out by the different European countries.

Date: 26 June - 4th July, 2022.

We are entitled to delegate 5 participants (age 18-30) and a group leader to the project. The application has not been opened yet.

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