Youth Workers for Youth Employability

Together with a broad partnership, we felt the need to develop a more structured approach to the development of future projects leading to better structured and better targeted cooperation in the field of youth employability with particular reference to young people with fewer opportunities and NEETs, especially given the situation of uncertainty brought by the Coronavirus emergency.

Projects of this type require a strong component of analysis and collaboration, as wide as possible. Brainstorming, meeting with partners and joint development of the idea and how to implement it with clear objectives, are crucial elements to create solid, innovative projects and being able to do this in person offers strong advantages.

Based on these assumptions and needs, we have developed the idea of the YWYE contact event, which was conceived to build the basis for subsequent collaborations aimed at improving the employability of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, innovative collaborations and the exchange of good practices. To make the project more specific we have chosen to focus on the problem of youth unemployment as it is today and will be even more so with the consequences brought by the Coronavirus emergency, one of the most pressing challenges and the one of greatest interest for the partnership.

The main objective, therefore, is to support, promote and at the same time increase the capacity of youth organizations and the quality of projects through the construction of more complex initiatives between organizations working in the youth field with particular reference to the issue of youth employability and the possible general crisis of the labour market.


  • to increase the capacity to work internationally by connecting partners with different competences

  • to increase the capacity for cooperation between different partners, encouraging the involvement of associations with less experience

  • supporting the approach of associations with less experience to Erasmus+ and ESC, in order to widen collaboration and exchange of practices

  • to improve partners' ability to work with young people with fewer opportunities and NEETs by supporting their entry into the labour market, through the exchange of good practices

  • to explore the added value of the European dimension of youth initiatives related to improving the entrepreneurship and employability of young people, particularly in these times of instability

  • to share and exchange good practices, materials, and experiences to increase the quality and impact of youth projects

  • to experiment with innovative practices, adaptable to different contexts

  • to compare and improve the ways in which public bodies and other entities are involved and collaborate to ensure greater impact and sustainability in future projects

  • to learn and adopt new technologies to facilitate communication and exchange of materials.

Date: 30 May - 3 June 2022

Participating countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Czechia and Hungary.

We entitled to delegate 2 youth workers to the project.

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