Upcoming projects

Green Emotions

Training course about emotional intelligence and environment, in San Martín del Castañar (Salamanca) Spain , 11-17 September 2022

Youth exchange about EU values in Varna, Bulgaria, 16-23 September 2022

Training course about active participation of youth in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 19-28 September 2022

Training course about emotional intelligence and motivation in youth work in Berlin, Germany, 26 September-5 October 2022

Youth exchange about environmental sustainability in Florence, Italy, 1-7 October 2022

Youth Exchange about digital technology in Hatay, Turkey, 27 September-6 October.

Pedal for Life

Youth exchange about healthy lifestyle and cycling between in Bursa, Turkey, between 30 September and 10 October, 2022.

Positive Discipline

Training course about improvement of learning environments in Sofia, Bulgaria, between 8-16 October 2022

Youth exchange about media literacy and critical thinking in Vrsar, Istria, Croatia, 10-18 October 2022

Sustainable Communities for You(th)

Training course about sustainable life & communities in Zakrzewo, Poland, between 15-26 October 2022


Training course about disseminatopn and communication in Montecatini, Italy, between 16- 23 October 2022.

Art as Tool for Fighting Online and Offline Hate Speech

Youth exchange about healthy art and hate speech in Bursa, Turkey, between 20-29 October, 2022.

Games for Employability

Training course focusing on soft skills development and employability in Mielno, Poland , between 21-27 October, 2022.

Mediation of Responsibilities and Exploitation - MORE

Training course about conflict management and positive resolution in Warsaw, Poland, 13-21 November 2022

Training of Trainers about the digital transformation in Malta, between 17-26 November 2022


Youth exchange about healthy art and hate speech in Sala, Slovakia, between 29 October- 4 November, 2022.

Building Resilience In Post-Covid Youth Work

Training course about resilience and stress management in Antwerp, Belgium between 12-20 November, 2022.

Inside Out

Training course about multiple intelligence in youth work, in Trbovlje, Slovenia, 8-14 December 2022

Blended mobility about youth participation online and in Stockholm, Sweden

Young People Avoiding Racism and Xenophobia

Youth Exchange about anti-racism, anti-xenophobia and migration in Madrid, Spain

Bilateral youth exchange about intercultural awareness and film making in Budapest, Hungary and Ghent, Belgium