Upcoming projects


Youth Exchange about sustainable development and creative recycling in Hamar, Norway,  between 7-16 September.

Bright Life

Training course about professional development, mental well-being in Lleida, Spain between 13-22 October, 2023.

Become Engaged Citizen

Youth Exchange about civic awareness and active participation in Renavas, Lithuania, between 2-11 October 2023

Connecting Dots for Sustainable Growth Initative

Training course about rural economic development and sustainable growth  inTaboada, Spain between 15-24 October, 2023.


Youth Exchange about migration-borne diseases in Diemeringen, France,  between 15-22 November.

The Fight of a Generation

Youth Exchange about nature and ecology in Chaves, Portugal,  between 7-16 November.

Blended mobility about youth participation in Stockholm, Sweden