Upcoming projects

Nice work, if you can get it

Youth exchange about the situation of precarious workers in Murska Sobota, Slovenia

4th industrial revolution!

Training course about employability trends and skills in Slettestrand, Denmark, 23 November - 2 December 2021

Gamestorming - Gamification in Youth Information

Partnership building activity about gamification in youth work in Terrassa, Spain, 14-20 November 2021

True or False?

Youth exchange about fake news and media literacy in Pindstrup, Denmark, 15-24 November, 2021

Youth Exchange about climate change, and environment protection in St. Maarten, The Caribbeans, 30 November - 9 December, 2021

Think, Design, Create!

Training Course about 3D printing in Marsa, Malta, 7-14 December 2021

Creative Entrepreneurship

Training course about creative thinking in entrepreneurship in Antalya, Turkey

Blended mobility about youth participation online and in Stockholm, Sweden, in January 2022

Bilateral youth exchange about intercultural awareness and film making in Budapest, Hungary and Ghent, Belgium

Comfort Zone / Thanks but I will take my chances

Training course about emotional intelligence and motivation in youth work in Berlin, Germany

How to take care of (your) nature in daily life

Youth exchange about environmental protection in Ommen, Netherlands

Open Your Eyes to Infectious Diseases Due to Migration

Youth exchange about infectious diseases and migration in Poros Island, Greece

Social Economy – Social Values, Social Inclusion

Training course about social economy in Wisla, Poland

Learning Through Art

Training course about the power of art as an educational tool in Antalya, Turkey

Youth Exchange about solidarity and cultural diversity in Lovech, Bulgaria

Activate Youth for Social Change

Training course about community activism of youth in Varna, Bulgaria

YALAH - Youth in Action to Learn About Human rights

Youth exchange about the situation of refugees in Rubí, Barcelona, Sain

Out of Classroom

Training course about rediscovering the principles and methods of non-formal education in Przysucha, Poland, November 2020

Contact making seminar about youth employability in Bologna, Italy

Media literacy and critical thinking in the Information Age

Training course about new media literacy and critical thinking in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

MOOC it forward!

Training course about facilitate online learning in Lorca, Spain

Young People Avoiding Racism and Xenophobia

Youth Exchange about anti-racism, anti-xenophobia and migration in Madrid, Spain

Youth Action for Europe

Youth exchange about active European citizenship in Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Nature in Motion

Two youth exchanges about connecting to nature in Py (Perpignan), France and Terrassa, Spain

Contact making seminar about involving youth in international volunteering in Cagliari, Italy