A Pandemic of Solidarity

Short term volunteering project to promote solidarity, active citizenship and youth opportunities

In this activity, the volunteers will have a duty to take part in the activities and workshops that have the aim to raise awareness towards solidarity, voluntary work and unity in the society. With giving support to those in need, with active participation and organising campaigns on the internet in order to raise the awareness of the importance of the solidarity in the global crises and on a global level, to motivate the youngsters to take part into the voluntary projects and voluntary work in the local level as well. To promote the ESC and Erasmus plus program. Make videos, live streams on social media with a weekly aim and purpose in order to reach the project aim.

Practical arrangements:

  • Accomodation: volunteers will be accommodated in single rooms, the apartment will be equipped with everything necessary

  • International travel: tickets will be reimbursed between Hungary and Turkey up to 275 euro (return)

  • Pocket money: 120 euro, Food money 80 euro monthly

  • 2 off-days per week, 2 holiday days per month

  • Health insurance covered

  • Turkish language lessons

  • Pre-departure Training

Participant profile:

  • Age 18-30

  • This project aims involving youngsters with fewer opportunities. (economical, geographical)

  • Ability to communicate in English language

  • To be Motivated and excited to take part in the activities of the project

  • To be Open for changes and innovation, ready for work in a team

  • To be ready for Taking initiative for creating and develop new activities

  • To be flexible in working with international teams

  • To be tolerant and to be ready and motivated to experience new cultures

Hosting organisation:

Topluma Destek Dernegi is a dynamic non-governmental organization that is sensitive to social problems and wants to raise awareness, based in Canakkale, Turkey. Its main aim is to serve social development by supporting the personal development and employability of youth through education, culture and art activities.


Date: 01 December 2021 - 28 January 2022

Application: send a CV and a motivational letter to esc@youthbridgesbudapest.org

Deadline: ASAP

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